The firm
CALQ is a French architectural practice currently employing 135 employees.

Paris-based, the firm designs and sees through to completion projects of all descriptions, including new-builds and refurbishments, over all sectors of activity : offices, hotels, residential, retail and public facilities.

Known for its exacting standards and the quality of its work, CALQ is especially careful to incorporate into all its projects notions of flexibility with respect to the completed works.

A human-scale firm attaching great importance to the quality of relations and working with its clients on a basis of mutual trust, CALQ and all the staff at the firm share one and the same ambition: to work together to create the urban landscape of tomorrow.
There are two fundamental values that guide CALQ in everything we do : passion and exacting standards.

A passion for building and rebuilding our urban landscape.
For welcoming talented new professionals, for working on complex projects in collaboration with firms based in other countries, interacting with the myriad different trades and professions that participate in the completion of an architectural programme. We are proud to cultivate a team spirit, where the talent of each individual nourishes the dynamics of the whole.

Exacting standards that are essential to dialogue with time.
But also for keeping to our word, the methodology that has been implemented. Today, practicing architecture requires in-depth knowledge of a variety of technical, environmental, regulatory and financial parameters. Clients of Calq appreciate the firm’s capacity for managing all the data that go into a project, simultaneously and expertly.
We guide and assist our clients to design projects that shape the urban landscape of tomorrow.

Our projects must adapt to new ways of living and working, incorporating technical innovations designed to make their use easier and better.

Users’ well-being, capacity for transformation/reversibility of spaces, energy management, low carbon design, can no longer be ignored when undertaking a project. It is our capacity for anticipating requirements, incorporating complex input data and providing expert advice and pertinent recommendations, that leaves us convinced of having the right approach.
Our organization
3 fields of expertise : design management, site management and project management.

In our firm, we consider that being in control of the design and construction phases of a project is the key to successful completion.

Thanks to our capacity for deploying multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams made up of architects and engineers working towards the successful completion of each project, CALQ is often called upon to work in partnership with fellow architects based in France and internationally, on large-scale urban projects with multiple stakeholders and on smaller, but more complex projects.
CALQ © Stéphane Lavoué
Architectural DepartmentConstruction DepartmentTimber ConstructionCALQ Consultants
Architectural & Interior Design Department
CALQ's design teams work on different types of new or rehabilitation operations, both on tertiary projects (Kléber Etoile, 14 Londres, Art&Co) and on works dedicated to retail (Galeries Lafayette Detaxe, Forum des Halles, Les Eleis shopping centre), as well as housing and equipment operations (UNESCO, Théâtre Traversière).

A centre dedicated to interior architecture works on the enhancement of the noble areas of the projects (Covivio headquarters, offices of the Departmental Council 92), as well as the interior design of luxury hotels and apartments (Hôtel Le Claridge).

CALQ is also increasing its collaborations with fellow architects on the French and international scene (RCR Arcquitectes, David Chipperfield, Michael Green, Studios Architecture, Franklin Azzi, etc.) for the realization of large-scale mixed projects (Cultural Project on Île Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt, Morland Mixité Capitale in Paris), as well as with designers such as Ora-ïto (Pathé cinemas, Hotel YOOMA), Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel, Tristan Auer, Samuel Nageotte.
Construction Managment Department
Made up of engineers, project managers, architects and technical assistants, the CALQ team is responsible for managing the works or the OPC of the agency's projects, as well as those of numerous fellow architects such as ECDM (EDF Campus in Saclay), the Franck Hammoutène Architecture Workshop (32 Blanche in Paris), Odile Decq (Entrepôts Mac Donald in Paris), Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure (Cité des métiers Hermès in Pantin), B.Architecture (10 Grenelle in Paris).

CALQ also works on luxury hotel projects (George V Hotel in Paris, Hôtel du Grand Contrôle at the Château de Versailles), as well as on renovations of Parisian private mansions.

We have also developed a department dedicated to timber-frame construction, which accompanied the completion of the first major European project in solid wood frame construction (CLT) alongside Woodeum and Willmotte & Associés (140 housing units in Ris-Orangis). Since then, many new wood structure operations have been underway in the agency.
Timber Construction
CALQ created a specific division dedicated to "wood and biosourced materials" construction in 2013.

CALQ carries out wood (or mixed wood/concrete, wood/steel) designs for various programs: offices, housing, hotels, high-rise buildings, etc.

The agency has been commissioned for numerous MOEX missions on wooden housing with the implementation of ATEx (stone facade, terracotta, ITE, etc.).

The annual recruitment of architects and engineers from the "Architecture Bois Construction" Master's program at ENSTIB and ENSA Nancy helps consolidate the cluster's skills.

An R&D strategy is being developed thanks to a doctoral student who is optimizing the processes of wood projects in partnership with ENSA Paris-La Villette and HESAM University.

CALQ is present in specialized working groups and is a member of the associations ADIVBois (Association for the Development of Wood Buildings for Living), FiBOIS, BBCA low carbon certification.
CALQ Consultants
This entity, dedicated to consulting or urban planning missions, aims to help the project owner to define, manage and operate its real estate project. CALQ Consultants works on major tertiary and commercial projects alongside landowners, developers and users (Covivio, The Carlyle Group, Eurosic, Mondelez).
CSR approach
The CALQ agency has decided to engage in the construction of its own CSR approach.

The design and implementation of a building in the existing fabric, its construction, and its operation by the occupants have an impact on society and the environment. As professionals, but above all as conscious citizens, we owe it to ourselves to be active on this subject. Leaving an architectural trace perhaps, but helping to limit the environmental footprint of our buildings, and creating value and meaning, is our ambition.

This is why CALQ wishes to engage in a CSR approach. Longevity Partners has been commissioned to accompany us in the analysis of societal issues and the definition of the associated action plan.

This is a strong commitment that involves the entire agency because the CSR plan that we are currently building and on which we are committed depends solely on us. It will necessarily change the way we work.

The Action Plan will be presented in 2022 and will then be rolled out within the year.
10 Grenelle

2012 - Grand Prix SIMI

Rehabilitation category : 32 Blanche | Paris 9th arrondissement

Atelier d’Architecture Franck Hammoutène (Architect)
CALQ (Coordination of Studies & Site Management)
The Carlyle Group (Developer)

2014 – ArchiDesignClub Awards in the Rehabilitation - Reconfiguration category : Le Beauvaisis, Paris 19th arrondissement

CALQ (Architect & Site management) | ICADE Parc Tertiaire (Developer)

2014 – Équerre d’Argent

Winner: Cité des Métiers Hermès | Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis)

RDAI Architecture (Design Architect)
CALQ (Site management)