CALQ continues to operate during the COVID epidemic-19

Dear partners,

Following the government's latest statements regarding the VIDOC-19 pandemic affecting our country, CALQ is taking exceptional measures to protect the health and safety of its employees and partners, thus helping to slow the spread of the virus.

Here are the guidelines we are putting in place as of today :

- all our employees exempt from childcare constraints are equipped to work remotely to ensure the continuity of ongoing activities and collaborations ;

- our head office located at 6 rue du Sentier in Paris, as well as our offices located at 22 rue du Sentier and all site offices will be closed until further notice ;

- external travel has been interrupted and physical meetings will be replaced by videoconferences or conference calls. Only travel and meetings that cannot be postponed will be maintained ;

- the continuity of activity on our worksites will be assessed in consultation with all our partners. In this way, our operational departments will get closer to each "project" team to assess the concrete impact on each of our operations and prioritize priorities together.

As a citizen, we must comply with government directives and adapt as quickly as possible to any new instructions.
At the same time, we must remain professional, and allow for the continuity of our joint activities, by thinking collectively about the best possible solutions.

We remain mobilized and attentive to all our customers, calling on each of them to show the enlightened benevolence that the situation requires. Above all, we must be attentive to the health of all our employees and partners. Let's also be creative in these times that challenge our ways of working.

Jean-Philippe Le Bœuf
President of CALQ