MODUL'AIR press conference

The innovative MODUL'AIR project welcomed some forty journalists this morning for a visit and a press conference in the presence of the project management and construction team.

This morning, about forty journalists came to the former air base 217 in Bretigny-sur-Orge to discover the very atypical project : MODUL'AIR.

This is a regional centre dedicated to hosting companies involved in research, innovation and experimentation in the drone sector, designed by the architectural practice LFA.Looking For Architecture, and built entirely from converted sea containers.

MODUL'AIR offers office, event and indoor flight spaces and is the largest project built from maritime containers in France and Europe !

CALQ is very proud to have contributed as site manager and for the coordination of studies on this project.

Thanks to the whole project team for this human and technical adventure : AIR 217 - SOCIETE PUBLIQUE LOCALE COEUR D'ESSONNE, CAPSA Container, LFA Looking For Architecture, La Base 217, Coeur d'Essonne Agglomération. Congratulations to the CALQ team : David Fried, Katty Vasseur, José Buitrago. Thank you to Agence Première for highlighting the project.
About the project